How can you properly emphasize lip hearts?

Emphasize the lip heart correctly

Full and well-formed lips represent beauty and sensuality. If they look healthy and symmetrical, then they correspond to the general ideal of beauty. A pronounced lip heart is particularly attractive: This refers to the curved indentation of the upper lip, which is also called Cupid's bow. It is she who creates the sensual overall impression of the lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with a distinctive Cupid's bow, because their appearance is largely determined by our genes. In addition, stress, nicotine, lack of sleep and environmental influences accelerate the aging process - and thus promote the development of very thin lips and nonexistent contours. Over the years, the body produces less hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin loses volume, elasticity and resilience. This also affects our lips, which subsequently increasingly lose their fullness and contour. Fine lines can also form around the mouth. Fortunately, nobody simply has to come to terms with this fate: A seductive Cupid's bow does not necessarily have to be natural, but can also be worked out with the help of dermal fillers. Influencers, beauty bloggers and celebrities around the world have already shown it: The entire topic of lip injections is a new hype on social media, which is probably also thanks to the fact that, according to scientific studies, lip corrections are now among the top ten cosmetic procedures rank in Germany. With good advice, a high-quality dermal filler and a suitable injection technique from an experienced expert, everyone can benefit from beautiful lips with a sensual cupid's bow. In this context, the correct indication for the lip heart is important.

Individual wishes and physical requirements

A natural lip has certain characteristics that can be fundamentally changed by an injection. Above all, a pronounced Cupid's bow, also known as a philtrum among aesthetic physicians, has an attractive and seductive effect. Unfortunately, this contour degrades with age. Then lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid can be considered. The emphasis on Cupid's bow alone makes the lips look fresher again. This can restore the expression of youth - the lips get a sensual and natural curve again. The little heart in the middle of the upper lip is emphasized again. In order to achieve the correct indication for the lip heart, attempts at shaping should be reserved for experienced doctors and qualified alternative practitioners. With the help of a targeted injection of hyaluronic acid, contrary to popular belief, not only can the shape of the lips be gently plumped, but the lip contour can also be emphasized. The lip shape should always look natural, which works best when it blends in harmoniously with the facial features. With a targeted injection of hyaluronic acid, the Cupid's bow can be rebuilt in order to give the entire mouth a sensual and aesthetic expression that looks attractive and youthful. The treatment depends largely on the individual wishes and physical requirements of the patient.

Gentle shaping and intensive hydration

The range of indications to properly emphasize the lip heart is very large. Depending on the depth of application and the degree of crosslinking of the hyaluronic acid, different effects can be produced. For this reason, patients should definitely consult a competent doctor or qualified alternative practitioner who has sufficient experience in the field. It is also important to rely on high-quality dermal fillers - in other words, on the products of the market leaders that have already proven themselves in numerous interventions. In this way, undesirable side effects can be avoided as far as possible. In addition, compared to many of the niche brands, renowned products have the pleasant side effect of keeping the lips moist from the inside out. The own production of hyaluronic acid is stimulated, the lips look more well-groomed overall. A special injection technique not only emphasizes the heart of the lip correctly, but also compensates for any asymmetry in the shape of the lips. As a result, the overall picture appears more natural and harmonious. Experienced doctors and qualified alternative practitioners begin with a small amount of hyaluronic acid gel as part of the treatment. If necessary, more dermal filler can be added in a second appointment. After the treatment is completed, the injection lasts for about eight to twelve months.


The lip heart is usually already present with a natural lip structure. Because it is generally considered an essential beauty feature, many patients wish to have their shape corrected. The aim of this lip correction is to give the lips a more attractive shape overall. This is particularly advantageous if you suffer from a damaged cupid's bow due to a genetic deformity or an age-related loss of volume. As part of the treatment with a dermal filler, the curvature of the lips can be gently optimized. This process requires many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, which is why it should only be carried out by an experienced doctor or qualified alternative practitioner who is an expert in the field of lip aesthetics.

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