Past webinars

Webinar lip injection technique

Our first webinar for you was about different lip injection techniques. Learn from our training doctor Dr. med. Abdullah Bani Hashem, to naturally contour lips, build lip volume and create symmetries. Of course, in addition to treatment-specific questions, product questions are also taken up and answered. Just take a look.

Webinar rhinoplasty

In this webinar, our training doctor, Dr. med Abdullah Bani Hashem presented the possibilities and techniques for minimally invasive rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid to two patients. This webinar will of course explain anatomical features in the treatment area as well as the choice of the right product. Have a look.

Webinar BAP technology with Peptidyal HX & Peptidyal 2

A particularly popular treatment method is the so-called Bio_Remodelling with the BAP technique. BAP stands for Bio-Aesthetic-Point and means certain injection points for an excellent treatment result. Our training doctor Dr. med. With the two top-selling products Peptidyal HX & Peptidyal 2, Abdullah Bani Hashem shows the treatment technique on the face, neck and décolleté. Have a look.

Webinar injection lipolysis

This webinar is all about injection lipolysis. Questions about "off-label use" are of course answered in the same way as the question about the right product for the corresponding indication. Techniques with needles and multi-injectors in the areas: abdomen, hips, breeches and knees are carried out on two patients by our training doctor Dr. med. Abdullah Bani Hashem demonstrates.

Webinar thread lifting

Our training doctor, Dr. med. In this video, Isabel Perianez shows you the basics and techniques of PDO thread lifting treatment on the face. In addition to the current treatment trend of eyelifting, we also demonstrate techniques for treating the forehead region and the so-called full-face treatment in this webinar. Of course, we also go into the respective specifications of the PDO threads and the choice of the right product in each case. Just take a look!