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  • Category: Anti cellulite
  • Content:  340 mg powder and 5 x 10 ml vials
  • Ingredients: Polyamino acid, mannitol, EDTA,
    • Buffer system with amino acid
    • Sodium bicarbonate, osmolarity regulator
  • Accesories: -
  • Injection depth: Lower dermis

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Alidya for the treatment of surface changes

Visible tightening and a more even complexion

Marllor's Alidya is a viscous solution used to treat surface changes that can occur as a result of gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite).

The injectable preparation for correcting bodily disharmonies causes the subcutaneous fatty tissue to be rebuilt step by step. This happens thanks to a mixture of branched-chain and other amino acids combined with a system for alkalizing the extracellular matrix.

Alidya is injected into the affected areas with a 30G - 4mm cannula using intradermotherapy (mesotherapy).

Depending on the severity of the cellulite, the preparation is injected directly into the affected areas between 7 and 12 times on a weekly basis. In addition to manual or pneumatic lymphatic drainage, a diet and exercise plan can optimize the effect of the treatment.

Treatment areas:

  • Hip
  • buttocks
  • Thigh



  • Correction of changes in the surface profile due to cellulite, for example

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