Aquashine PTX Soft Filler


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  • Category: Äaesthetic mesotherapy
  • Content:  1 x 2 ml pre-filled syringe
  • Ingredients: hyaluronic acid 15 mg / ml,
    • Amino acids, phosphate buffer
  • Accesories: -
  • Injection depth: Medium to deep dermis

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Aquashine PTX Soft Filler - wrinkle and skin rejuvenation with bioactive ingredients

Improved elasticity and sustainable revitalization

Aquashine PTX by Revofil is an anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation product with bioactive ingredients that target the Aesthetic mesotherapy of the neck, face and décolleté is tailored. The hands can also be treated. Amino acids, hyaluronic acid and multivitamins ensure visible rejuvenation and lasting revitalization of the skin. By stimulating elastin and collagen synthesis, fine lines and wrinkles are corrected and the tissue is efficiently protected against free radicals. The injectable, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin in combination with peptides, minerals, vitamins, coenzymes and amino acids promotes rehydration and the repair processes of the skin. The invigorating effect can already be felt and seen in the first few days after the treatment. The tightening effect is noticeable a few days later, with the maximum effect only being reached after two to three weeks. Aquashine PTX stimulates the migration and proliferation of the body's own fibroblasts, which leads to a lasting revitalization of all skin layers - including the muscles and fasciae. In this way, a lasting reduction in wrinkles and an improvement in skin elasticity can be achieved. Tired or dull skin is revitalized, the formation of new skin cells is stimulated, and skin problems are visibly reduced. For example, the symptoms of couperose can be alleviated or freckles can be optically lightened.

Moisturizing and pore-refining with Aquashine Soft Filler PTX

Aquashine PTX from Revofil is based on a new concept of skin revitalization treatment with uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, skin rejuvenation complexes and bioactive ingredients. The high-purity hyaluronic acid, which forms the basis of the high-quality preparation, moisturizes the skin and refines the pores. It is particularly recommended for mature skin of all skin types. Even thin and sensitive skin can be treated without any problems and without side effects to visibly soften pronounced facial wrinkles, revitalize the complexion and even out the micro-relief of the skin. Expression lines, perioral and periorbital wrinkles and forehead wrinkles can be treated just as efficiently as acne scars and other atrophic scars, because Aquashine BTX supports the body's own repair processes and promotes skin rehydration. Doctors and alternative practitioners will hardly find a better preparation for aesthetic mesotherapy on the market for aesthetic medical products.

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