Aquashine Soft Filler


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Aquashine Soft Filler for reducing fine wrinkles and for aesthetic mesotherapy

Fresher appearance and reduced wrinkles

Aquashine Soft Filler from Revofil is a product for aesthetic Mesotherapy, which is tailored for use on the face, neck and décolleté - the hands can also be treated.

The injectable hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is slightly cross-linked and is combined with amino acids. The preparation is supplied in a pre-filled disposable syringe without a needle.

The ingredients stimulate the skin to form new cells, which gives the skin a fresh appearance. The skin of the treated areas is tightened and moisturized, thus effectively delaying the aging process.

Not only can wrinkles be reduced and skin elasticity improved through the formation of new skin cells - the product also contributes to a more even complexion by refining pores and reducing pigment spots.

Treatment areas:

  • forehead
  • periorbital
  • perioral
  • Midface
  • Neck
  • Cleavage
  • hands



  • Hydration and firming of the skin
  • Improvement of the skin's elasticity and complexion

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