Cytocare® 715 C Line

Revitacare sarl

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Cytocare®715 C Line

Visible increase in tissue density and reduction of signs of aging

Cytocare 715  C line is ideal for restoring a beautiful, radiant appearance and plumping the skin. Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the decreasing tissue density of the skin and signs of aging can be visibly reduced and the skin receives an extra portion of moisture directly into the tissue. Skin elasticity also increases.

Application: Apply the product to the cleansed face or décolleté and massage in until the liquid is completely absorbed.

The individual duration of action can last between three and five months.

Treatment areas:

  • forehead
  • periorbital
  • Midface
  • perioral
  • Neck
  • Cleavage



  • Increase hydration and elasticity in the specified areas
  • Smoothing fine wrinkles and lines

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