Erelle Refinement (2 x 1ml)


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  • Manufacturer: Biotech
  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Injection depth: medium to deep dermis
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Erelle Refinemet - tailored for the treatment of medium-deep wrinkles and lip contouring

Efficient build-up effect and good modelability

Erelle Refinemet 2 x 1ml by BioiTech is a Dermal filler in the form of a cross-linked cellulose gel that is 100 percent biologically produced. The product is aimed at building volume, treatment of medium-deep wrinkles and lip contouring. The non-animal injectable, reticulated gel implant is biocompatible, 100 percent protein-free and biodegradable. Because the preparation with significantly less BDDE networked than conventional dermal fillers, the risk of allergies and side effects is significantly reduced. A greater build-up effect, a longer retention time of the material in the tissue and better modeling properties make the cellulose gel a highly effective product with exceptional long-term potential. If Nose bridge correction, treatment of cheek, glabella, marionette and nasolabial folds or cheekbone modelling: Erelle Refinemet impresses with high safety, natural treatment results and excellent tolerability. Lip contouring or augmentation can also be done without any problems. The gel implant is supplied pre-filled in disposable syringes with a measuring scale. Injection is recommended in the mid to deep dermis.

Stable and durable with Erelle Refinement

Erelle Refinemet 2 x 1ml is a dermal filler containing a cross-linked cellulose polymer that is fully absorbable. Compared to other products currently available on the market, this dermal filler can work more efficiently over time. The cellulose it contains is a non-animal and non-bacterial preparation that has been used in medicine for many years. This is an extremely safe and inert substance that does not exhibit any carcinogenicity or mutagenicity phenomena. Some studies show a bactericidal effect inside the tissue, which the cellulose gel for a Anti aging treatment extremely safe. The cross-linking and the absence of specific enzymes that could break down the molecule in the human body stabilizes the product, which in turn gives it a longer shelf life. In addition, the gel implant is also more resistant to mechanical deformation than comparable dermal fillers. Still, the cellulose gel can be injected through thin needles, increasing filling performance exponentially. Handling and usability, however, remain the same.

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