Filorga Art Filler® Universal (2 x 1,2 ml)


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  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Injection depth: middle dermis, subdermal to superficial subcutis
  • Indication: Medium to deep wrinkles

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Filorga Art Filler Universal - dermal filler for lip contour and lip volume

Painless treatment and efficient wrinkle correction

Filorga Art Filler Universal by Fillmed by Filorga is a Dermal fillerwho is on the Treatment of medium to deep wrinkles aims. Also the Lip contour and lip volume can be corrected quickly and efficiently. The hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin is made with the special Tri-hyal technology stabilized, in which three different forms of hyaluronic acid molecule chains are linked together. As a result, the preparation combines three important corrective measures: Smoothing, shaping and volumizing. Each of the hyaluronic acid types used has its own specific effect. The first hyaluronic acid is tailored for modeling, the second hyaluronic acid for smoothing out unevenness and the third hyaluronic acid for volume formation. The gel implant has a hyaluronic acid concentration of 25 milligrams per milliliter - enough to remove wrinkles of almost any depth. 0,3 percent Lidocaine enable doctors and naturopaths around the world to perform painless injections. The pain relief that the local anesthetic achieves makes the patient feel more relaxed. In addition, the facial expression is smoothed, which leads to a more natural result as part of the wrinkle treatment. The injection should be given into the middle to deep layers of the dermis. How long the result lasts depends, among other things, on the patient's age, skin type and lifestyle.

Fresh and healthy with Filorga Art Filler Universal

Filorga Art Filler Universal 2 x 1,2 ml is a dermal filler for the treatment of medium to deep wrinkles. That too Facial volume can be restored quickly and efficiently. The smooth and soft texture of the preparation ensures that the gel implant can be distributed particularly evenly during the injection. In addition, the product contains 0,3 percent lidocaine to maximize comfort during treatment. The Tri-Hyal technology combines three types of hyaluronic acid with proven performance and proven tolerance. The result is a hyaluronic acid gel whose smooth texture promotes the even distribution of the preparation under the skin. In this way, optimal results can be achieved that will make even the most demanding patients happy. All in all, Filorga Art Filler Universal 2 x 1,2 ml is the perfect solution when it comes to filling in medium to deep wrinkles efficiently and sustainably. This makes the face appear fresher, healthier and more youthful overall. The special formula with lidocaine makes the procedure painless, while the ergonomic syringe and the smooth gel texture make the procedure painless high injectability and optimal treatment comfortt allow. The preparation is supplied in a pre-filled disposable syringe. The injection should only be given by specially trained, medically qualified personnel in accordance with local regulations.

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