Fillmed® Art Filler Volume (2 x 1,2 ml)


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  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Injection depth: deep subcutaneous, supraperiosteal
  • Indication: facial volume

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Fillmed® Art Filler Volume for wrinkle treatment and the restoration of facial volume 

High effectiveness and absolute tolerance

Filorga Art Filler Volume by Fillmed by Filorga is a Dermal filler, which is tailored to the treatment of wrinkles and the restoration of facial volume. The non-animal hyaluronic acid gel is stabilized with Tri-Hyal technology. During the manufacturing process, three different forms of hyaluronic acid molecular chains are cross-linked. The dynamic preparation was created for comfortable and painless correction of face shape, volume and lip contour. 25 milligrams hyaluronic acid in combination with three milligrams of lidocaine ensure that the contouring and modeling of medium to deep wrinkles is quick and easy. Wrinkles are smoothed, lip volume is increased and facial areas are remodeled. Due to the three different hyaluronic acids used as part of the manufacturing process, the gel implant can be used for three main purposes: shaping, smoothing and volumizing. The technology used allows to improve facial contours, eliminate wrinkles without surgery and optimize facial volume. Of course, the product is developed in accordance with international standards. For a convenient injection and increased treatment comfort, 0,3 percent is used Lidocaine added. Clinical studies confirm that the dermal filler guarantees high effectiveness and absolute tolerance. Since the composition only contains natural ingredients, Filorga Art Filler Volume can be called very safe with a clear conscience.

Convenient and uncomplicated with dermal filler

Filorga Art Filler Volume is a dermal filler aimed at restoring volume to the face through an injection into the mid or deep dermis. Subcutaneous or supraperiosteal injection is also possible. The modern hyaluronic acid gel ensures a comfortable injection and increased treatment comfort during the treatment. Formulated to increase volume exactly where it's needed most, with its smooth and soft texture, the supplement has the special ability to spread evenly. As a result, the gel implant makes it easy to eliminate wrinkles because it flows smoothly and easily into the patient's skin. The main advantage of the product is its ability to create volume and smooth skin imperfections at the same time. The lips can be filled in and deep wrinkles smoothed out. Based on the innovative Tri-Hyal technology, a gel implant is created that has a perfect balance. Each product is developed with the specific treatment goal in mind. The contained lidocaine reduces the discomfort during and after the injection. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's own organism of each patient, the results of treatment can be seen within two to three weeks from the moment of injection. The average durability depends on various factors such as the skin type, the severity of the wrinkles to be treated and the type of injection.

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