HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2


129€ (excluding 19% VAT)

153,51€ (incl. 19% VAT)

  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Content:  1 x 10 ml pre-filled syringe
  • Ingredients: hyaluronic acid 22 mg / ml,
    • sodium chloride
  • Accesories: -
  • Injection depth: hypodermis

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Hyacorp Body Contouring MLF2 for  Body shaping and contouring of larger areas

Greatest possible degree of purity and high naturalness

Hyacorp Body Contouring MLF2 by BioScience is a  Dermal filler, which is tailored to the reconstruction and the implant-like volume build-up of larger areas on the body. Dent-shaped defects can also be treated in the same way. The preparation, which is an absorbable skin implant with high purity, is made from a hyaluronic acid made of non-animal origin.

BioScience developed the innovative gel implant to help patients correct their bodies.

Injection with a 18G cannula is recommended.

Treatment areas:

  • buttocks



  • Shaping the body contour
  • Recovery of lost volume

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