Juvederm® Ultra 2


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  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Content:  2 x 0,55 ml pre-filled syringe
  • Ingredients: hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml, lidocaine 0,3%, BDDE
  • Accesories: 30G½ needle
  • Injection depth: Middle dermis 


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Juvéderm Ultra 2 for correcting moderate wrinkles and defining the lip contour

New volume and restored contours

Juvederm Ultra 2 of Allergan is a Dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid, tailored to treat moderate wrinkles and define the contours of the lips.

The preparation is characterized by a moderate filling effect, as well as by the further developed 3D matrix with high binding force. Thus, the preparation is smooth and flowing, which can be injected easily and in a controlled manner.

In addition, the gel offers a high level of purity thanks to an additional cleaning step to remove unbound BDDE.

The product is with Lidocaine enriched and enabled for the patient thus a pain-reduced treatment.

Treatment areas:

  • Forehead (e.g. glabellar and forehead wrinkles)
  • Perioral (e.g. vertical lip lines and lip contour)



  • Volume build-up and correction of medium-deep wrinkles
  • Contouring the lips

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