Lanluma X


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  • Category: Biostimulator
  • Content:  630 mg / 40 ml vial
  • Ingredients: PLLA, CMC, mannitol
  • Accesories: -
  • Injection depth: -

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Lanluma X for a natural and gradual build-up of the connective tissue

Lanluma X by Sinclair Pharma is a biostimulant which ensures a natural and gradual build-up of connective tissue on the body. The supplement helps create volume by stimulating the body's collagen production. 

The product is based on Poly-L-lactic acid, the the volume in sunken areas again and thus the curves and contours of the body are optimized - dents in the tissue can also be reduced and smoothed. The preparation also tightens the skin in the treated areas and improves the skin texture.

Lanluma X offers many possible uses, such as defining the chin and jaw or correcting deep wrinkles. However, the preparation should will not applied in or near the periorbital area, lips or eyes.

Treatment areas:

  • Upper arms
  • buttocks
  • Thigh



  • Volume build-up
  • Definition of the body contour
  • Correction of unevenness (e.g. dents)
  • Suggestion of Collagen production of the skin

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