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  • Category: Lipolysis
  • Content:  10 x 10 ml ampoules
  • Ingredients: phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, carnitine, porpylene, glycerine and soya glycine
  • Accesories: -
  • Injection depth: -

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Lipopeptis for the treatment of excess fat areas

Efficient tightening and sustainable fat reduction

Lipopeptis by Aerazen Lab is a product to lipolysisapproved for topical use. As a rule, excess fat areas on the legs, stomach, upper arms and hips are treated.

The removal of the adipocytes from the tissue can be triggered by the rupture of the cell membrane of the adipocytes. The preparation is supplied in single-use breakable ampoules containing phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, carnitine, porpylene, glycerine and soy glycine.

Treatment areas:

  • belly
  • Hip
  • buttocks
  • Thigh



  • Reduction of fat deposits in the specified areas

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