Prostrolane Inner-B


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Prostrolane Inner-B – injectable CE marked gel for lipolysis

Lifting effect and increased collagen production with lipolysis

Caregen's Prostrolane Inner-B is currently the only CE-marked pre-filled lipolysis syringe for injection. The preparation enables safe and effective reduction of local fat deposits in the areas of the chin, upper arms, legs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. The unique formula based on peptides and hyaluronic acid is ideal for correcting the body shape in a simple and gentle way.

Four unique peptides (Nonapeptide-32, Pentapeptide-43, Tripeptide-41, Octapeptide-11) efficiently accelerate lipolysis and significantly delay lipogenesis. The regeneration of the skin cells is stimulated, the storage of excess energy is inhibited and fatty acid synthesis is reduced. This sustainably improves the tone, appearance and elasticity of the skin. There is also a lifting effect and increased collagen production, which restores the skin's healthy appearance. The peptides used have an active effect on the body's own fat cells, so that a prolonged effect can be guaranteed for two weeks - and without any side effects on the body.

Treatment areas:

  • chin
  • Upper arms
  • belly
  • Hip
  • buttocks
  • Beine



  • Reduction of fat deposits in the specified areas

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