Radiesse® + lidocaine


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  • Category: Dermal filler
  • Content:  1 x 1,5 ml pre-filled syringe
  • Ingredients: 1% CaHa (calcium hydroxyapatite) in aqueous gel, 0,3% lidocaine
  • Accesories: 2 x 27G½ needles
  • Injection depth: Medium to deep dermis

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Radiesse + Lidocaine - corrects wrinkles and creates a visible volume build-up

Radiesse from Merz is a Dermal filler, which is tailored to add volume and contour the chin and cheeks while revitalizing the skin. The active ingredient complex is based on one percent of calcium hydroxyapatite in an aqueous gel, which as a filler stimulates the body's own collagen synthesis.

The preparation is injected into the skin and stimulates the body's own cells to form a natural collagen network.

Youthful radiance thanks to the triple effect

  • Safe, effective and easy correction of deep wrinkles
  • Lifting and contouring through targeted volume build-up
  • Long-term skin tightening and strengthening of the skin structure


The contained lidocaine offers patients a high level of comfort during the treatment.

Treatment areas:

  • Middle face (e.g. nose, cheeks)
  • Perioral (e.g. nasolabial folds and corners of the mouth)
  • Jawline
  • chin



  • Volume build-up in the specified areas
  • Correction of wrinkles
  • Lifting and contouring

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