Rainbow Threads 6D Cog Threads


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  • Category: threads
  • Material: Polydioxanone (PDO)
  • Needle: 19G Blunt L cannula
  • Needle length: 100 mm
  • Thread length: 170 mm
  • Content:  20 pc

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6D cog threads specially designed for efficient and strong skin tightening

The Rainbow 6D Cog threads from Oreon Life Science consist of polydioxanone, PDO for short, a completely degradable and biocompatible materialwhich has been used as surgical sutures around the world for decades.

 6D Cog threads have barbs, the so-called cogs, which are arranged in a 6-dimensional spiral around the thread at a 60° angle. These cogs enable a short and safe non-invasive applications with an immediate and efficient tightening of the desired areas.

The threads are implanted subcutaneously in the desired areas using very fine needles or blunt cannulas. There they form a stable network, which the skin structure through the resulting tension and the increased build-up of the body's own fibrin and collagen tightens significantly in the treated area. These effects are immediately visible, the volume effect develops after two to three months. The amount of threads to be used depends on the desired result.

The threads dissolve without leaving any residue 12-18 months after implantation. The collagenesis-stimulating effect of the PDO threads allows the results obtained to be maintained up to 2 years after the threads have been resorbed. 


Treatment areas:

  • Upper and lower arms
  • belly
  • Hip
  • buttocks
  • Thigh
  • Wade



  • Contouring, lifting and tightening of the specified areas
  • Volume

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