Rainbow Threads Eyelid Threads


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  • Category: threads
  • Material: Polydioxanone (PDO)
  • Needle: 30G Blunt U cannula
  • Needle length: 25 mm
  • Thread length: 30 mm
  • Content:  20 pc

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Eyelid threads especially for the skin tightening around the eyes

The Rainbow Eyelid threads from Oreon Life Science were specially developed for tightening the eye area. By doing they activate the fibroblasts if the collagen formation is stimulated, they promote a natural, youthful and fresher appearance.

The threads are made of Polydioxanone, short PDO, one completely degradable and biocompatible materialwhich has been used as surgical sutures around the world for decades. In addition, the Eyelid threads are equipped with a special U-shaped cannula with a rounded tip. This reduces side effects such as swelling, bruises or bruises to a minimum. Another advantage is that the special threads can be used alone or in combination with other treatments - for example with Dermal fillers or Chemical peels.

A thread lift with the Eyelid threads is the ideal option for patients who want to combat the visible signs of aging in the most gentle and gentle way possible.

The threads dissolve without residue 12-18 months after implantation. the collagenThe stimulating effect of the PDO threads enables the results achieved to be retained for up to 2 years after the threads have been resorbed.

Treatment areas:

  • periorbital



  • Lifting and tightening of the area around the eyes
  • Volume

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