Rainbow Threads Ultra+ Cog threads


275€ (excluding 19% VAT)

327,25€ (incl. 19% VAT)

  • Category: threads
  • Material: Polydioxanone (PDO)
  • Needle: 25G blunt
  • Needle length: 60 mm
  • Thread length: 185 mm
  • Content:  20 pc

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Ultra+ Cog threads für die skin tightening In the range of Neck, cheeks, chin, eyebrows and forehead

Oreon Life Science Rainbow Ultra+ Cog Threads are PDO threads for tightening the neck, cheeks, chin, eyebrows and forehead. What makes it special compared to other thread products: Here the thread is wound directly around the hypodermic needle. Also, along the needle there are small unidirectional barbs that ensure better and faster lifting results.
In addition, the thread offers a high tensile strength. Part of Oreon Life Science's Rainbow Thread Cog Line, the Rainbow Cog Ultra+ threads consist of two parts: the cog and handle parts. The cogs are inside and outside the needle. Inside the needle they are attached forward and backward. Another forward facing cog is wrapped right around the needle. It extends to the handle part.
This revolutionary structure ensures impressive lifting results. As soon as the injection needle is positioned in the patient's tissue, the spiral thread is slowly unwound. The hook-shaped end that every single thread has helps to hold the thread material in place under the skin. The thread then slowly rolls up again into a spiral, which means that the patient's tissue is stretched in the direction of the injection site. Due to the "springy" properties of the Rainbow Cog Ultra + threads, the results are quickly visible, efficient and very sustainable. The impressive efficiency and low pain development ensure maximum satisfaction for both patients and practitioners. The main area of ​​application for PDO threads is the contouring of the V-shape of the face as part of a thread lift.

Highly effective and long-lasting with Rainbow Ultra + Cog threads

PDO Threads like the Rainbow Ultra + Cog Threads from Oreon Life Science have been long-running for some time Tightening, remodeling and lasting rejuvenation of the facial contours with immediate effect. They not only help to fix the skin, but also stimulate the activity of the cell tissue to increase collagen formation.
By inserting it into the patient's tissue, the skin is visibly lifted: This gives it more elasticity, elasticity and youthfulness. At the same time, the Fibroblasts activated. After a while, the innovative thread material naturally dissolves in the body: it is completely absorbed by the dermis, where it in turn continuously contributes to collagen production.
This also supports the lifting effect. This unique mode of action is also used by the Rainbow Ultra + Cog threads from Oreon Life Science, an international South Korean company that specializes in medical aesthetics - but with one special feature: The unique design of the threads makes it noticeable compared to other thread products better and faster lifting results.
Due to the short treatment time, there is rarely any downtime. The individual thread has a hook-shaped end that helps the practitioner to fix the thread under the skin as part of a thread lift.
The Rainbow Cog Ultra + threads are part of the Rainbow Thread Cog Line, which also includes the BI Cog thread, the 3D Cog thread, the 6D Cog thread, the Ultimate Cog thread, the Ultra Cog thread, the Heart Lifting thread and the Dual Arm thread includes.

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