Thesera L - silk threads for the perfect lifting

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Dissolvable silk threads that painlessly and without needles provide an outstanding lifting effect


Without needles, a cushion of moisturizing silk protein is built up under the skin. This is what the threads give off to the skin thanks to the latest nanosphere technology. For this purpose, the thread fiber is applied to the epidermis in liquid form. The ingredients are encapsulated and transported into the lower layers of the skin, where they develop their convincing effect. The main component of the threads is the fibroin protein sericin from the silkworms, which is used medicinally for tissue regeneration and suturing.

What results does the revolutionary lifting method achieve?

• very good lifting effect
• Increase in skin elasticity and firmness
• Reduction of wrinkles
• Volume for the facial contours
• Reduction of pores
• Improvement of the dermal density
• the skin is supplied with fluid
• youthful charisma

What are the benefits of the treatment?

• painless without needles
• Results immediately visible
• no downtime
• without cuts
• without swelling and bruising
• even distribution
• convincing overall result

Which areas of application are suitable for the treatment?

Wrinkles and folds in the nasolabial area, on the forehead, neck, face etc. can be treated. Even areas that are difficult to access (e.g. the eye area) can be reached without any problems. The non-invasive procedure is perfect for those who want to tighten slack tissue in the facial area, for more volume and for more elasticity.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment lasts approx. One hour and begins with a thorough skin cleansing with biological cleansing substances. Then the HIGH TENSION STRING - the silk protein threads - is dissolved in the HIGH TENSION SERUM and applied with a brush. After applying the HYDRA BOOSTER, it is left to act on the threads for 20 minutes. After the product has been removed, the HIGH TENSION GEL is applied with a brush and also left to act for 20 minutes. The product is rinsed off with water and the nourishing HIGHT TENSION AMPULE is then massaged in. To protect the skin, the HYDROGLOW CELL CREAM (not included in the set) or an equivalent and sunscreen is applied at the end.

The treatment does not cause any visible disturbances to the skin. Redness, swelling or pain are generally not to be expected due to the non-invasive and gentle nature of the products and their application.

When purchasing the THESERA L kit, we recommend training in theory and practice from our licensed Thesera trainers. The dates and information on the nationwide training courses can be found at

How long are the results visible?

The lifting can be repeated up to four times, with an interval of approx. 10-14 days. The result is extremely sustainable and convincing.

What needs to be considered after the treatment?

After the treatment, UV radiation should be avoided, as well as going to the sauna or intensive physical training. The face should not be washed on the first day after the treatment; after that, the use of a high-quality moisturizer is recommended.

What are the contraindications?

• certain medications (e.g. against acne), topical skin formulations, Retin A products (discontinue at least 10 days before treatment with Thesera L)
• Allergies must be clarified
• Pregnancy, breastfeeding
• Inflammation or open wounds
• rashes
• acne, eczema, herpes virus
• Infectious diseases
• skin cancer
• autoimmune diseases

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